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Thredbo Blues Festival 2020

Blues music in Australia just seems to get stronger each year with the number of festivals increasing and the quality of music getting better and better. This is great news for Blues lovers and, of course, Thredbo being one of the longest running Blues festivals in the country, has a high reputation to maintain.

The good news is, we believe we have topped ourselves again for 2020.  Just to name a few we have the amazing  Tyrone Vaughan with Darren Jack Band,  The Aretha Franklin Songbook staring Shauna Jensen, Dancing in the Shadows Motown Review, Ray Beadle Band, The Blues Rinse, 8 Ball Aitken, 19 Twenty, McNaMarr Project has unfortunately cancelled due to health issues but has been replaced by the Harry Ashton Band, Charlie Bedford, Chris Raggatt Duo, Claude Hay, Foreday Riders, Grace + Hugh, Liza Ohlback Trio, Michelle Vandermeer, Mike Elrington, Phil and Trudy Edgeley, Psycho Zydeco, Richard Perso, Shane Pacey Trio, Steve Edmonds Blues Quartet, Swamp Stompers, The Jordan Thomas Trio

We look forward to seeing all the festival’s familiar faces plus a whole bunch of fresh new faces – there’s heaps of great music for the old and bold as well as the young and young at heart.

+ More to be announced