19-21 January 2018

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Rory Ellis

Rory Ellis is a highly charismatic songwriter who has toured seven countries, with eight nationally and internationally acclaimed albums, and an unforgettable voice that will command the hair on your arms to stand up.

“His is one of the most distinctive voices in Australian folk and country music, rich and full and emotive.”

Jeff Glorfeld: The Melbourne Age, 2015

His songs are honed in hard miles, often upbeat, heartfelt and always with a great story behind them. He is an underground hero of the Americana and Alt Country scene in Australia.

“Rory Ellis is one of the great storytellers on the Australian roots scene. A big man with a huge voice, with a trove of outstanding material at his disposal, he immerses us into his world… His huge, deep voice is a remarkable instrument of rich and raw emotion. It is that voice, the absolute quality of the musicianship and incomparable song writing talent that really sets him apart as an artist.”

Mick Griffin: Live Review, Bendigo Weekly

2017 saw the release of Rory’s eighth album, One Skin, which received strong radio play and great reviews in Capital News and Rhythms Magazine. This recent release was supported with a tour of the three eastern states of Australia, and will be followed with a tour of Germany in September 2017. Rory’s talented sidemen, Andrew Toner and Christian Marsh, join him on stage. Andrew is one of Australia’s finest Guitar maestros, and the magical skill of Christian on Chromatic Harmonica, is haunting and emotive.

“What he’s done, he’s done well – latest release, One Skin, is no exception, and in fact stands as his most considered, and best, work to date. Ellis’ weapon is his voice. It’s deep and dark timbre is stamped all over this album, rich and warm… Another of the big man’s weapons is his knack for telling a story, and so One Skin draws you in with tales of love and family, fear and joy. A country troubadour to the bone, Ellis has hit the nail on the head with this one, the man getting better with the passing of time.” Sam Fell: Rhythms Magazine

Rory has performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, alongside Richie Havens, Robert Cray, Canned Heat, Seth Lakeman, Diesel, Renee Geyer and many others. and has performed at many of the largest UK Festivals including Great British R&B Festival, Shetland Folk Festival, Larmer Tree Festival, Stokes Bay Festival, Maryport Blues Festival, Isle Of Wight Festival and countless others, with revisits due to popular demand.

“Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth and uttering a few throaty words.”

Brett Callwood: Acoustic Magazine UK

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