18-20 January 2019

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The Excellent Smithers

The Excellent Smithers play a hot pot of honky tonk and blues music that’ll make you feel like you dunked your head in an Tennessee whiskey barrel and went back for more.

A regular gig will involve shredding telecasters, harmonica solos and flawless singing led by the sweet baritone vocal pipes of James Cisco. Expect to hear equal elements of tasty shufflin’ blues, heartbreak honky tonk and break …neck speed-country train feels.

Julian Abrahams’ style of guitar playing is as dangerous as they come. After years of writing songs and tearing them up in the award-winning bluegrass band ‘Mustered Courage, Julian has now joined forces with one of the most cantankerous crooners in town.

James Cisco has been busy writing songs and singing soulful vocals for Melbourne based band “Cisco Caesar” for the past 10 years. James was born and raised in Illinois with parents that played in bluegrass and ragtime bands and encouraged him to do the same. Like most kids, when he reached adolescence he decided to rebel against his parents and go in a funk and soul direction carving out a nice career.

Strap yourself in for one of the most legitimate incarnations of a whiskey soaked, hickory smoked, American honky tonk band in Australia today.

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