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Phil and Trudy Edgeley

Phil and Trudy Edgeley are both Singers, Songwriters and multi-instrumentalist. Performing together throughout Australia, UK, Europe and the USA, Phil & Trudy encapsulate the dynamics of a great partnership on both a musical and a personal level. Throw in a little humour and interaction with the audience and the result is a show that draws the listener into a new and exciting place.

Phil Edgeley’s (Weissenborn, Acoustic, Resophonic Guitars/Vocals) British Folk/Roots songwriting & music style infused with Trudy Edgeley’s (Acoustic Guitar/Ukelele/Peruvian Drum/Vocals) melting pot of cultures.

Trudy’s haunting vocals, melodies, tropical tempos & tribal beats reflects not only her influences and passion for her music, but also her desire to tell the stories of her rich ancestery. This results in well crafted songs that have the added interest of fascinating stories which have been seldom told.

Phil has released 3 albums to date, “This Life” (2005) “Then and Now” (2007) and “In the Blood” (2011). Phil and Trudy’s duo album, “OnePlusOneEqualsThree” (2014) is their current work.

“A duo that really defines Roots music – engaging & confrontational. A great experience”.

Russell Morris

‘Phil and Trudy Edgeley have a created a magical brew of Folk, Blues and Roots. They have weaved their musical spell across Australia, the UK, Europe and the USA. Their performances are authentic conversations, stemming from heavy roots set deep in fertile soil. We were first enlightened to Phil’s astounding skills as a singer/songwriter/guitarist through his previous canon of tour de force albums, launched in two yearly intervals over the past decade. Now adding Trudy’s sublime percussion to the mix there is a tangible synergy – their debut album is suitably titled “1 + 1 = 3”. In live performance you can hardly believe your ears, with Trudy’s world music influenced patterns within patterns sometimes achieved seemingly by sleight of hand. The alchemy we witnessed at their September 2014 Sydney gig was the purest playing we have heard in ages. In our experience, that kind of ‘third-eye’ subtle yet complex interplay is only possible when performing partners are also life partners. The Phil and Trudy Edgeley experience is one that transcends music into both a gentle reflection and passionate celebration of Life – wondrous and earthy narratives evoked with fire and grace. This is one of the great musical experiences Australia has to offer.’
Tim Huang & Calvin Welch – iHearMusic.com

Until a couple of years ago, Trudy Edgeley had been quite content to manage English bluesman husband Phil’s career, so all I can say is thank goodness that she took those cajon lessons on the sly and suggested a jam one night after one of Phil’s national tours. Not only did he find the percussionist of his dreams, but also a truly sublime singer-songwriter whose music brought elements of gospel, work song, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous melodies and rhythms to mix and match Phil’s love affair with the Mississippi Delta blues of the ’30s through ’50s, with a dash of British traditional folk. They write separately, with Phil bringing nine to Trudy’s three songs to the table, with Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied” and Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready”, the latter sung by Trudy, making up the baker’s dozen plus one, so Oneplusoneequalsthree is still pretty acoustic Delta blues-heavy, and the contrast when Trudy steps forward adds another really powerful layer to an amiable and, on the quiet, powerful collection.
Michael Smith, Rhythms Magazine

“Masterful guitarist and songwriter who performs with great heart and passion”
Jim Conway

“Phil and Trudy combine Blues & Roots with rhythmic patterns to make a powerful feast for the ears”
Brian Fraser

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