20-22 January 2017

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Phil Manning

It is impossible to talk about blues music in Australia without Phil Manning being mentioned in the first sentence.

Since the late 60’s Phil has been at the forefront of this genre as well as exploring other styles widely. His ability to absorb other styles and craft them to suit his personality has made him one of the truly unique performers of his time.

A founder & continuing member of the now legendary ‘Chain’, Phil Manning has long been regarded as the most effective blues guitarist produced in this country as well as a fine session player. (Chain are the only blues band to ever have a number one (‘Black’n’Blue’), they also had a number two (‘Judgment’). ‘Toward The Blues’, their 1971 album went double gold).

As a solo performer in the acoustic sphere, Phil has also been ahead of the game as one of the first electric gunslingers to begin working in both realms before ‘unplugged’ became the catch phrase.

As well as headlining his own shows, he has toured with a remarkable number of artists including Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Albert Collins, Freddie King and dozens of others, both in the blues and rock genres.

He has received great accolades from radio from the south of the USA to the Netherlands, Germany and to diverse regions as Russia, Israel, Portugal and Italy.

He has toured Ireland, UK and done shows in Bali, Vietnam and Cambodia plus many tours in New Zealand over the years.

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