19-21 January 2018

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The New South Band

If you are worried about the future of music – don’t be!

Playing together for more than a year now The New South (formed from three of the members of Just Us) represent the future of contemporary music. The band members are well versed in many genres, styles and instruments, they have a particular love of Blues, Funk and Soul. The band quickly established itself as an act with the presence, technique and stagecraft that one would expect of far more seasoned performers. The difference being that their average age is fifteen! Not content with playing covers the band writes its own music bringing a mix of the familiar and new to every performance.

It all began when the band won an inner west Battle of The Bands competition. They quickly moved on to lighting up the stage with a sensational performance at The Basement Blues Society, where they have now performed three times. In the last year they have also played the Sydney Blues and Roots festival, The Eastern Lounge and a Headline show at Friday Night Live in Canberra. They have had the pleasure of supporting great acts like Ray Beadle, Peter Northcote, Genevieve Chadwick, Lachy Doley, Mitch Anderson and PJ O’Brien. At last year’s Sydney Blues and Roots festival they were described as “the find” of the festival.

So what can you expect from The New South? The first word comes to mind is a surprise. You will wonder how can it be that these young men can be so good. Once the surprise is dealt with you will start to appreciate their selection of music, the soaring guitar, the haunting keyboards, the stunning vocals and the super solid rhythm section. Close your eyes and you will forget their age and be swept up by the music.

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